Your Guide

My name is Peter Shelley, and I have lived and worked in the Cotswolds for some 37 years.

All of my work experience has been in the retail sector, so I am passionate about providing satisfaction for my customers. One of my passions is Classic cars, I enjoy driving and have travelled extensively throughout other beautiful landscapes of the U.K. I also love the countryside, It’s nature, It’s history, and meeting people to share it with. Cotswolds by Car, which I started in 2014, enables this perfect partnership, I get to enjoy my job; giving you a tailor made and memorable touring experience.

The Vehicle

The vehicle you will travel in is a fully insured high spec Range Rover Vogue, spacious and luxurious comfort are standard, as well as a high riding platform to take advantage of the views and sights while touring. It is especially suitable for the less agile.  The car can be lowered or raised to offer easier access.

The vehicle also employs permanent 4 wheel drive technology, so is extra safe in wet conditions, and also enables the occasional “ off the beaten track” opportunity.

It is also equipped with a built in fridge, to provide some refreshments on warmer days, how cool is that!