Oxford has always been very well known for it’s numerous colleges. “The City of Dreaming Spires” so nicknamed by the poet Matthew Arnold to describe the thirty eight colleges of learning in the cities medieval centre. The university of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world, and the cultural extensions which have grown around it over the centuries, make for a fascinating and entertaining tour.


What to find in Oxford

Wandering around the various college buildings is a walk in a time capsule, and will probably remind you of your favourite period drama, of maybe a particular ‘Harry Potter’ film.

The limestone architecture is stunning, and shown to good effect in buildings such as the library in the Radcliffe Camera, the Ashmolean Museum and The Sheldonian Theatre, to name but a few!

If it’s gardens you love, the Oxford Botanic garden is a must, founded in 1621, as a physic garden growing plants for medicinal research, it is one of the oldest scientific gardens in the world.

If shopping and eating are top of your list, then Oxford has lots to offer, a rich variety of shops including The Covered Market and food varieties from just about anywhere in the world.